Bitcoin Invest [BTCI] - reinvents Bitcoin NextGen Proof of Stake Payment and Investment Platform

Invest in a new Peer-to-Peer Digital Money Platform and the next evolution in Bitcoin technology based on (PoS) Proof of Stake algorithm. We not only guarantee the fastest and the most exciting returns on your investments, but we also guarantee the high level of security.


About Us

Bitcoin Invest (BTCI) is an advanced PoS (Proof of Stake) cryptocurrency's that combines two world top technological innovations - Bitcoin, and Proof of Stake consensus.

By combining Bitcoin's core with a highly efficient Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, Bitcoin Invest introduces new improved model of Bitcoin blockchain along with investment platform and real-life digital currency payment gateway.

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Pool Mining Investment Plans

Find a plan which is best for you and receive Bonus to your deposit. All your deposits will be placed to the Proof of Stake Pool (PoS) for the period of 365 days. You will receive monthly interest into your account.

Starter + 5% Bonus to Deposit

  • Return 5%
  • Every Month
  • For 12 Month
  • Total 60% + Capital
Ƀ100 - Ƀ1000
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Silver + 10% Bonus to Deposit

  • Return 6%
  • Every Month
  • For 12 Month
  • Total 72% + Capital
Ƀ1000 - Ƀ10000
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Gold + 15% Bonus to Deposit

  • Return 7.5%
  • Every Month
  • For 12 Month
  • Total 90% + Capital
Ƀ10000 - Ƀ100000
Invest Now

Platinum + 25% Bonus to Deposit

  • Return 10%
  • Every Month
  • For 12 Month
  • Total 120% + Capital
Ƀ100000 - Ƀ1000000
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Why Choose Bitcoin Invest

This is a Revolutionary Blockchain Platform! Don't miss the opportunity to be an early BTCI investor? This is your second chance if you missed the great opportunity to buy Bitcoin in 2009!

Proof of Stake

By combining Bitcoin’s core with a highly efficient Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, Bitcoin Invest introduces new improved model of Bitcoin blockchain.

High reliability

Bitcoin Invest Team are working hard constantly to improve the level of our security system and minimize possible risks.

Fast Payments

Instantly send & receive digital currency payments on a highly scalable network.

Quick Withdrawal

Withdrawals are fast and easy. There are no maximum limits. The minimum withdrawal amount is only 100 BTCI .

Referral Program

We are offering a state of art Referral platform for continues income. Join Us now and start to build your Referral Network.

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 customer support through e-mail and telegram. Our support representatives are available to your service.

Low Fees

An efficient blockchain keeping fees low & transactions flowing without congestion.

Trustworthy network

Powerfully secure network with a huge number of full nodes.

DDOS Protection

We are using one of the most experienced, professional, and trusted DDoS Protection and mitigation provider.

Profit Calculator

Convenient Investment calculator that will help you to find optimal investment plan.

Build Your Referral Network

For every person that signs up using your referral code and deposits 100 BTCI or more into their Bitcoin Invest Interest Account (BIIA), you will earn 10% commission from that deposit and your friend will earn bonus depending of investment amount. You will also earn if your friend or friends of your friend make deposits, 7% from your friends referrals and 3% from your friend friends referrals. (Three Level Referral Program) You will also earn monthly lifetime commission for the total investments that you or your friend (Level 1) deposited to the platform depending on your rang.

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Referral Network Frequently Asked Questions

Get paid for driving deposits by simply recommending Bitcoin Invest to your friends. There is no annual limit on the commission you earn and no minimum sales requirement.

You can refer any individual who is not an existing Bitcoin Invest customer under any investment plan.

For each qualified deposit, you will earn 10% of the deposited amount from your friend (Level I), 7% from your friends friend (Level II) and 3% from your friends friends friend :) (Level III) , provided the referral stays with Bitcoin Invest for at least 365 days.

For example: If your referral who is not a Bitcoin Invest customer and he(she) make deposit, you'll earn 10% of the deposit amount that will be send to your investment wallet immediately. So If you friend will find an investor that will make deposit , your friend will receive 10% from deposit and you will receive 7% of deposit.

So bring good friends and enjoy passive income coming from your referral network.

Yes. Depending on combined amount that you and your friends deposited, you will earn yearly commission that will be send monthly to your investment wallet.

1000 BTCI - 10000 BTCI Beginner 1%
10000 BTCI - 50000 BTCI Manager 2%
50000 BTCI - 100000 BTCI Manager 3%
100000 BTCI - 500000 BTCI Director 4%
500000 BTCI - Infinity BTCI Premier 5%

Additional benefits to for each Level will apply.

Yes. 100 BTCI

You can log into your account at any time to get information about the commissions you have earned. You can withdraw the whole amount from the interest wallet.

Here are a few ways how you could get the referrals:

Share the link to your friends or social media following; Add a button or banner with the link to your website, blog, forum (we have a few banner designs located on the Referral page);

Make the text or video review of Bitcoin Invest and add your referral link — you will get natural traffic of people who are looking for Investment platforms;

The possibilities for referring people are endless. Be Creative!





How to buy BTCI

You can buy BTCI coin on following exchanges